Ready To Start Enjoying The Benefits Of Solar?
If only you could...
power your home during a hurricane...
help the environment...
receive a Huuuge tax credit...
increases the value of your home...
stop paying your utility boat loads of money...
oh and of course accomplish all of the above with no money out of pocket...

Wait? What? That's right you can with solar and the help of American Choice Energy!

Stay in Control
Tired of seeing your energy bills going up every month? If so, let us reduce them for you or better yet, eliminate them altogether.
Power Your Kingdom
Your home or business should have its lights on, even though at times your utility company and the weather may disagree.
Stop Paying More
Renting power from the utility company will soon be a thing of the past with solar. However, if you must, we'll help you pay less.
American Choice Energy prides itself on the quality of its services. Everyday’s focus is on educating consumers on their energy choices and how they can quickly begin saving money on the energy they currently use in their home or business through our highly rated energy marketing firm in Tampa, Florida.

Our customers are thrilled to regularly save on their energy supply rates every month. How is this possible? People who live in states where energy is deregulated have the option to select what energy company supplies electricity and gas to their home or business through their existing utility company. This means that the customers we enroll remain with their utility but still enjoy the benefits of a more competitive rate with an energy supplier.

In addition to the benefits of energy deregulation, we have served thousands of homeowners and business owners around the country by pairing them with one of our solar installation partners. Our quality solar partners are local to the consumer and highly vetted by us. If a consumer qualifies for solar panels, they won't just be able to reduce their electric bill, they may be able to eliminate it entirely. Whether selecting a more competitive supplier or installing solar panels to get off the grid, we have the energy solutions for both residential and commercial needs.
Why Solar Power Matters Now
Solar power is not a new technology. Even as early as the 1970s, we had retail products that were proof solar power could work as calculators and other smaller consumer electronics would sometimes use solar cells to power themselves. So if we’ve actually had the technology to harness the power of the sun itself for so long, why haven’t we done it on a larger scale until now?

The answer lies in two factors, technology and economics.

The basic principle of the “solar cell” remains unchanged. It is a clever piece of technology that reacts to exposure from light—be it natural sunlight or artificial light—by creating electrical energy. However, in the past, the amounts of electrical power generated by a solar cell, or even a massive array of them grouped into large solar panels, was not large. Improvements to the efficiency and technology have changed all that.

Another big factor was cost. Producing solar panels and cells was an expensive process compared to the kind of power they actually generated. So, while certain operations—such as the International Space Station—had no choice since it was the only practical way to get power, traditional means of electrical generation such as burning petroleum, coal or using nuclear power, were cheaper to maintain because the existing infrastructure was already in place, and no additional cost was required to implement them.

Today, the cost of solar cells is lower, with their ability to generate power much higher. Conversely, as natural resources become more and more difficult to acquire, or are subject to regulation because of the pollutants they produce, solar power is clean, efficient, and always available. It’s cost in the future is going to continue to drop while economic and political factors will cause traditional resources to go up in cost, especially as they start to run dry and it becomes harder and harder to gather them. Once your solar panels are installed, the power generated by them for your home is free, versus $1000 per month at some point in the future. Which expenditure makes more sense?
For most of us, the power we use is a very vital part of our lives, since we use it for just about everything. For as much as we use it however, we don't give it much thought until our bill goes through the roof or the power goes out. The truth is, we all would like the power we use to be less expensive and less harmful to the environment, but the research and time it takes to make that happen for a consumer is a huge turnoff. American Choice Energy changes all of this by allowing consumers to benefit from energy deregulation and solar power right on this site.
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